Friday, November 17, 2006

Thank you volunteers!

A huge thank you to my fellow artists who volunteed their time to help set up and document "Pinecone Dress". I could not have done it without you! Clockwise from center: Duncan Slade, Robert Brun, Ian Sexton, Jennifer Sanchez and Colette Fu.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Finished Pinecone Dress!

Here are the best two pictures from two days of shooting "Pinecone Dress" outside on location. I am still deciding which one will be the final image... VOTE for your favorite! Number One on the left, and Number Two on the right! (photos thanks to Colette Fu)

Number Two Wins! It seems most people felt it looked more organic, like it grew up from the forest floor...

Monday, November 06, 2006

Pinecone Shoots!

Here is a shot taken during the first photo shoot of the completed "Pinecone Dress"! It was about 45 degrees outside so it was pretty cold! Here I am taking a break with my hat and scarf while we wait for this dramatic "cross" shadow to pass so we can continue the photo shoot. Special thanks to Colette Fu and Jennifer Sanchez for their assistance.

And here is a shot from the second day of shooting. I am pretty imobilized once I am in the dress, so I am dependent on the artistic judgment of the photographers to document the project. Here they are really going for it! Robert is in the background, while Colette is kneeling to get a good angle, and Ian is lying down on the job...