Wednesday, April 06, 2005

ILLINOIS: "Red Dress"

This is the very first "dress" sculpture, created back in 1999. It is made out of 28 red dresses purchased at thrift stores in Chicago. I had been using these red dresses as materials / props for my performance and installation work, and this huge dress represents the culmination of the series. Illinois is my home state, I and have been shopping at Chicago thrift store since my teen-aged years, so this first dress piece was very personal.

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dad said...

For more dresses, see the log site. Her mother likes the lilly dress best. I think my favorite is "Low Tide"- the dresses on the lake front in Evanston. This is partially because I helped build them, but mostly because they looked so brave, flying in formation on a dim cold winter day with the pack ice piled up next to them