Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tornado hits Minnesota!

On June 20, a tornado and wind storm hit both the county I am living in (Ottertail) and the county I am working in (Wadena). I was painting the mural indoors at the Wadena Emporium when the storm hit: the sky turned green with black swirling clouds, hail rained down, and the windows shook. Then the sky went dark. The power went out and we all sat by candlelight listening to the radio, until the local station got hit by lightning, and the radio went out. I am lucky enough to be painting in a very secure building, so many people fled the storm to join us in our candlelit safety, including one woman who had seven trees fall in her yard, one through her roof. What surprised me most was how graciously everyone weathered the weather, even those with massive damage to their property seemed affably awed by the power of nature. The home I am staying at in Ottertail is just not the same, as all the trees on the property were lost. Here is a picture of my yard after the storm.


Barb Cartwright said...

Hi Robin,

I just saw your mom this weekend and she mentioned the tornado that you experienced. Mother Nature is mighty.

You should let Ken know that you're in his area and arrange to get together.

E-mail me back if you get this and I'll send you his information.

We'll be looking for you about July 29. If you can come earlier, we can find room for you. How are you at sleeping on the floor?

Barb Cartwright

David Stewart said...

You have a very colourful life Robin.