Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Completed Willow Creek Dress, WY!

My favorite shot of the day, taken by Karina Hean. I like the twin snake hills in the background that are always in view here, and are such an important visual element at Jentel. I am very satisfied with the project and extremely grateful to the Jentel Foundation for hosting me and making this experience and work of art possible.


terry said...

What a beautiful dress- what an exciting adventure- what a great story about Jim and your dad's love of the circus- what a life! I love reading about your work and life- keep it coming!
love, terry

RedNeckGirl said...

that is amazing!

Chet said...

Love your work, Robin.


julie laffin said...

Dear Robin,
This is an awe-inspiring dress.
best wishes,
Julie Laffin