Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eco Eggs Dress Project

I was recently contacted by a company in Minnesota that is making Easter Eggs out of completely biodegradable compostable materials!  Imagine that last lonely egg lost in the Easter egg hunt and left on the lawn - no worries!  It will simply eventually harmlessly decompose into the ground.  I made a shorter version of my Easter Egg Dress using their eggs so I can attest that they feel the same and are just as sturdy as the plastic varieties.  My dress will travel with them to various conventions they are attending to promote their product.  I was honored to assist this innovative, environmentally-motivated new company!  Learn more at


Samatha @ DKNY mens suits said...

I guess this is so difficult to make. Anyway, those are cute fashionable egg dresses. Love them!

jeffrey lupoy said...

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lena martho said...

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