Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pinecone Dress survives the journey...

"Pinecone Dress' was shipped here for the exhibit, from the MacNamara Foundation Arts Residency in Maine where it was created. This is the first time an actual "dress" has been displayed in addition to photographs of the work. The tough nature of pine cones made this possible. I was amazed when we opened the crate at how well they had weathered the long journey.
Here is my friend Hope lending a hand touching up the dress with the back-up pine cones I mailed with the dress from Maine.

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powder said...

Hey girl!

The exhibit looks beautifully put together, the dress looks awesome, the painting as well. I was just looking at the rest of this blog and all of the artwork, and I have to say that you continue to amaze and impress me! It's all just mind-blowing.
Love you - Joy